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General Terms and Conditions of use of the virtual jukebox "BarDJ" have been prepared in accordance with Consumer Protection Law  on the basis of the recommendations of the Chamber.

The virtual jukebox "BarDJ" (hereinafter "BarDJ") in owned and managed by the company:

Trg 39, 2391 , Prevalje

Mobile: +386 (0) 41 268 838
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VAT ID: 77940989
IBAN SI56 6100 0001 3265 679 (DELAVSKA HRANILNICA d.d. LJUBLJANA) 

The services also comply with other instructions and recommendations of the billing and streaming services.

General Provisions

This article sets out the conditions of use of the Bar DJ virtual jukebox system offered by the company BIODEN d.o.o. The services you use also comply with other instructions and recommendations of the billing and streaming services.


Bar DJ virtual jukebox system is a combination of two complementary subsystems: the Bar DJ virtual jukebox (hereafter Bar DJ jukebox) and the Bar DJ mobile application (hereafter Bar DJ app). 

Bar DJ jukebox is an internet audio streaming service that enables bars and other commercial venues (hereafter venues) to stream selected music and also enables users to pick their favorite songs via their smartphones and other compatible media devices.

Service provider –is the company which provides the Bar DJ virtual jukebox system, which is either the Bioden d.o.o. or a company which owns a franchise for the Bar DJ virtual jukebox system. 

Venue – is a bar, restaurant or other commercial venue, which uses Bar DJ Jukebox and which agrees to these General Terms & Conditions.

User – is the user of the Bar DJ app that with downloading the app, agrees with these General Terms & Conditions and the Terms & Conditions of inn-app billing providers. The use of the services is provided to an unlimited number of users who accept the General Terms & Conditions and other instructions within these terms.

The Bar DJ app is an application (android and iOS) that provides users access to the music playlists of venues that use the Bar DJ jukebox and selection of songs in those venues. The Bar DJ virtual jukebox system is provided and owned by the company BIODEN d.o.o., (hereafter Bar DJ provider) 

Providers of mobile in-app billing (hereafter in-app billing providers) are most common national mobile phone operators and Google in-app billing service for Android Operating systems, Apple in-app billing service for iOS operating systems and other commercial billing systems when applicable.

2. Basic information

Description of services

Bar DJ jukebox is a windows based streaming platform that enables venues to determine random music played and also enables them to determine music that can be picked and played by users. The use of the platform is free and non-obligatory for the venue and can be terminated at any time. 

Bar DJ app is an Android and iOS based application that allows users to gain visual insight into music played in venues that use Bar DJ jukebox. The Bar DJ app also allows users to select songs from the song base determined by the individual venue. The selection of songs is done via Bar DJ app and the purchase of credits is done by the inn-app billing system. The information of the charge is send to the user in a form of a text message or any other way, determined by the in-app billing provider. Use of the Bar DJ app may be performed via WiFi signal or via mobile data transfer.

Approach to services is possible as follows: 

Users download the free Bar DJ app, launch it on their mobile devices and locate the desired venue within the application. The desired venue search can be executed by typing the name of the venue and picking the icon of the desired venue on the map within the Bar DJ app. The Bar DJ app provides users with the location of the venues that are using the Bar DJ jukebox via location services. 

Once users define the desired venue, they have visual access to the playlist of the venue - every venue has an option to create unlimited individual playlists. The next feature of the Bar DJ app is the possibility of choosing the songs played in the selected venue. Users can choose songs from the musical base (determined by the venue) of the bar. The selection of the songs can be made by the artist, group or genre. To select the song, users have to buy credits via inn-app billing system and after successful payment, they can confirm their musical choices. 

After completing the confirmation of the musical selection, the random music played in the venue stops immediately and the selected song is played. In case of multiple user selections, a waiting list is created and the choices of the users appear in the queue, while users receive a notice, informing them about the waiting time. 

3. Terms and conditions of use

Age and responsibility

There is no age restriction of using Bar DJ virtual jukebox system.  The purchase and payment of credits is the responsibility of the users or in case of underage users, of their guardians.

Payment services

The insights into the playlist of venues through the Bar DJ app are free of charge.  Payable is only the service of selecting and playing of the musical choice. The user is notified within the application on the current price of credits.

When credits are purchased by the inn-app billing system, the user is informed about the cost and is charged by same inn-app billing system they use. 

All prices include VAT.

In the event that the users obligations to their inn-app billing providers are not settled at time of purchase, the General Terms and Conditions of their inn-app billing provider come in use and the purchase may not be possible.

4. Privacy and Data Protection

The provider of the Bar DJ system shall undertake all measures to safeguard users and venues data carefully and in accordance with the Law on the protection of personal data.

5. Disclaimer

The customer should be aware that: 

- The service provider is unable to provide a complete user satisfaction with services

- The possible loss of information or malfunction of services resulting from misuse and ignorance of the user.

The service provider cannot guarantee the operation of services in the event of network failure of contractual partners, power failure or any other technical disturbances which could temporarily affect the operation of the service.

Every venue has the possibility of creating individual playlists and the service provider is not responsible for the venues choice, which means that the music offer is not the same in all venues, despite the fact that they broadcast music through the BarDJ virtual jukebox system. 

6. Complaints

The provider will strive to resolve the complaints of the venues and users to the satisfaction of all parties involved and assumes responsibility for the proper execution of the service.

All complaints associated with the operation of services, will be solved by the service provider, if not otherwise specified. The provider will provide users with support and assistance via e-mail at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the case of justified complaints the service provider undertakes to eliminate them within a reasonable time and notify the user.

The inn-app billing provider resolves only the complaints relating to the payment services. Such complaints must be addressed to the in-app billing provider within 15 days of receipt of the invoice. 

7. Violations

The Bar DJ jukebox service provider will exclude all venues acting contrary to the General Terms and Conditions. 

8. General

Bar DJ jukebox service provider may at any time modify the Terms & Conditions of service, if so required by the causes of technical, commercial or public nature. Any change will be published on the website: www.bardj.eu and in these Terms & Conditions.

The Bar DJ jukebox service provider will update all changes and inform users on all platforms where Terms & Conditions of using the BarDJ jukebox service are published.


Last updated 31/01/2017